Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue


Cavy House is a non-profit no-kill organization that rescues guinea pigs from local bay area shelters and provides the necessary veterinary care and socializing needed to place these guinea pigs into forever, loving homes.  Cavy House also boards guinea pigs to help pay for rescue expenses.

Cavy House is a project of AVA/The Rabbit Haven, a 501(c)3 organization. Contact us at

Big Boy and Rosie

Our wonderful mascots who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge

Check out our adoptable guinea pigs on the “Adoptables” page!!

Lucas (Pictured on right) is one of our resident “Sanctuary” piggies. He has what we call a “Bobblehead”, which is actually caused by either a neurological issue or inner ear infection. His head bobs around like a bobblehead when he walks. But he’s one of the sweetest, most interactive piggies we’ve known.

10/19/2017 - Urgent: Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue is currently involved in a large scale rescue of 700+ guinea pigs from Northern California. They are in great need of donations including money, equipment and supplies. Please see their website ( or their Facebook page ( for ways that you can help.

Cavy House Rescue has some excess equipment that they’d like to donate to the Los Angles Guinea Pig Rescue, but the shipping on this is very expensive. If anyone is driving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles and would be interested in delivering some of the supplies, please contact me at