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Males or Females? Which Should I Get?

Many people come to us requesting females, because they’ve read that all males fight and all females get along. This simply isn’t true.  Yes - some males will fight, but so will some females. Adolescent males can be a bit of a challenge, but almost all of the pairs we’ve adopted out get through their adolescence with only minor squabbles.  Some of our toughest piggies to bond have been female. It could be that in years past when everyone kept their guinea pigs in tiny pet store cages that males fought quite a bit. Just imagine trying to house 2 teenage brothers (humans) or for that matter, any two humans, in a closet or elevator together - yes, things could get confrontational. But with today’s bigger cages, happily bonded pairs of males, females or both are happily quite common.  To us, it all comes down to individual personalities. Come see who you like - who you connect with - and who is getting along. 

For more information, check out these links:

Chocolate and Vanilla Bean -ADOPTED!

Simone and Gabby : ADOPTED!!!


Skittles -ADOPTED!!!

Meenie and Miney - ADOPTED!!!

Bob and Ted - Adopted!!!!

Reese and Buttercup  -ADOPTED!

Chuck,- ADOPTED!!!!


Geronimo and Ellie - Adopted!!

Latte- Adopted!!

Meryl, Alice and Checkers (below)  -ADOPTED!!!

Inkblot and Splotch - Adopted!

Elmer Fudd - Adopted!!

AVAILABLE NOW: Cruiser and Plum (below)  are a cute little pair of male guinea pigs who are available now for adoption together. Plum is a golden agouti American smooth-haired pup who was born around the beginning of February, 2017. We think Cruiser is a young male piggy who most likely is under a year old. He is mostly black with a white racing stripe. These two have grown quite bonded. I had Plum out for a few minutes and Cruiser immediately started wheeking for him. They’re usually hanging out together.

Apricot and her 3 pups: Apricot had 3 pups on 4/11/2017. Apricot and her female have been adopted, but her two male pups (Mango and Papaya) are available now for adoption together.  The males are both brown (actually golden agouti, but they looks brown in the photos).



Olive and Pepper

Patch and Raccoon

Monkey (Skunky’s pup)


Sammy and Skunky

Future Adoptables (hopefully): Paddington and Pastuzo below are recuperating at Cavy House. They are an adorable bonded female pair. Paddington (the Himalayan) arrived with raspy breathing. The raspy breathing disappeared following treatment but unfortunately, relapsed on April 28. So she’s undergoing treatment again, while her good buddy, Pastuzo, gives her moral support.