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Males or Females? Which Should I Get?

Many people come to us requesting females, because they’ve read that all males fight and all females get along. This simply isn’t true.  Yes - some males will fight, but so will some females. Adolescent males can be a bit of a challenge, but almost all of the pairs we’ve adopted out get through their adolescence with only minor squabbles.  Some of our toughest piggies to bond have been female. It could be that in years past when everyone kept their guinea pigs in tiny pet store cages that males fought quite a bit. Just imagine trying to house 2 teenage brothers (humans) or for that matter, any two humans, in a closet or elevator together - yes, things could get confrontational. But with today’s bigger cages, happily bonded pairs of males, females or both are happily quite common.  To us, it all comes down to individual personalities. Come see who you like - who you connect with - and who is getting along. 

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Chocolate and Vanilla Bean -ADOPTED!

Simone and Gabby : ADOPTED!!!


Skittles -ADOPTED!!!

Meenie and Miney - ADOPTED!!!

Bob and Ted - Adopted!!!!

Reese and Buttercup  -ADOPTED!

Chuck,- ADOPTED!!!!


Geronimo and Ellie - Adopted!!

Latte- Adopted!!

Meryl, Alice and Checkers (below)  -ADOPTED!!!

Inkblot and Splotch - Adopted!

Elmer Fudd - Adopted!!



Olive and Pepper

Patch and Raccoon

Monkey (Skunky’s pup)


Sammy and Skunky

UPDATE: UNAVAILABLE until later;  Paddington (the Himalyan) and Pastuzo (the agouti)  are an adorable bonded female pair. These two are very bonded and are often huddled side-by-side. We won’t split them up. Paddington is quite confident, and her buddy is just a wee bit shyer. Both of these piggies seem to be somewhat toilet-trained to just go potty in the corners of the cage ( a nice little bonus).


Monsoon is a male pup who was born June 3, 2017 and is available now. Like most guinea pig pups, Monsoon energetic little guy and loves to run laps. He’s gotten easier and easier to pick up and handle with continued daily handling.  Monsoon  will need a male or spayed female buddy, so if you have a lonely piggy, please consider cute little Monsoon. . Guinea pigs are social, herd-animals so need a buddy to keep them happy. 

Please note:  Like all healthy guinea pig pups, Monsoon is  fast, squirmy  and “spring-loaded” so younger kids will need supervision handling them until the pups get a little older and they’re in no danger of being dropped. A good home for them is one where they’ll be kept indoors as part of the family in a cage big enough to run laps etc - like a 2 grid x 4 grid C&C cage. (28” x 56”) . We have C&C cages available.



“Monsoon” - male pup

“Tornado” is a young, female American smooth-haired piggy. She is the mom of Hurricane, Whirlwind and Monsoon. She would like a home with either your female or neutered male piggy. She’s a bit on the shy side but is getting easier to handle. She has made remarkable progress on her handleability and socializing since coming here. She’d do best with older kids or adults in a home that isn’t real noisy.

Courtesy Listing for former adopter: One of Cavy House’s previous adopters has been transferred overseas for a year. They are looking for someone who might want to foster the piggies for a year to get the experience of having piggies without the long-term commitment. Agreements and arrangements would be made between the owners and the person wanting to foster. Cavy House is just trying to help get  the word out for the owners:

Want to foster guinea pigs? Lux and Maybelle are two sweet girls who need housing for 12 months. Lux is adventurous one-year-old who loves to explore. Maybelle is a 3-year-old homebody who'd rather just cuddle. Their owners are going overseas for work for a year and want to spare them the stress and strain of round trip air travel.

And here is the link to the photos:  (One of the photos is shown below)

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